Welcome to Umanah Healthcare Institute

Open your world to better opportunities! The healthcare industry has an opening and that spot could have your name on it. Get trained to be a Certified Nursing Assistant at Umanah Healthcare Institute. By starting as a certified nursing assistant, you can continue focusing on a nursing career or even branch out to other healthcare fields like medical technology, adult family home management and home health care services.

The close personal care provided by a nursing assistant requires an individual who is sensitive to the needs of the patients and knowledgeable of basic nursing and personal care skills as well as being well-versed in the use of assistive devices. This knowledge can be echoed to your future patients who are the direct beneficiaries of modern medical technology. Your job as a certified nursing assistant is to be there for your patient – we will teach you how to excel at being your natural caring self. Through the Umanah Healthcare Institute, we enhance your caregiving skills and harvest your natural abilities to attend to the needs of your patient. We are proud to let you know that we have one of the highest state final passing rate in the greater Charlotte Area. IF YOU WANT TO PASS YOUR STATE EXAM AT 1ST ATTEMPT—JOIN THE WINNING TEAM—UMANAH HEALTHCARE INSTITUTE.


Like many other states, North Carolina continues to experience nursing shortages. Graduates of this program receive the training and life-long skills needed in this high-demand field. A career as a Certified Nursing Assistant allows for flexible work schedules and excellent incomes. We provide a dynamic education with small class sizes that help foster your success in this field of study.

Umanah Healthcare Institute is accredited by BBB, and approved by NC Division of Health Services Regulations, also Licensed by North Carolina Board of Community Colleges, ( NC Board of Community Colleges is not an Accrediting Agency). Our school has been chosen as C.N.A.II Assessment site by NC Board of Nursing. For more information on this program, call us at 704-531-1100 or send an email to umanahinstitute@yahoo.com, you can also check us out at youtube: umanahinstitute.