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Student Testimonials

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Christine: Sept 2016 class (Gastonia Campus)

My name is Christine, graduated from Umanah Healthcare Institute in Gastonia. I learnt about the school from my girlfriend that recently went there. It’s a good school. I have very solid foundation to head unto my nursing career at Gaston college. Check it out. Recommend it to any serious-minded student.

Amin: July 2016 class (Charlotte campus)

I always love nursing and looking forward to being one. When I applied to nursing program, I was told I needed C.N.A. prior to the nursing program. My career counselor recommended Umanah Healthcare Institute. I gave it a serious thought, applied to the program and I want to let you know, it was worth the effort. I am now heading to start my nursing career. Thanks to Umanah Healthcare Institute for planting in me the solid foundation and confident that I needed. Thanks Ms. Patricia Umanah, my Instructor.

George: December class (Charlotte campus)

I love this school. Learnt a lot, will recommend it to anybody. The tuition is affordable, and they have a payment plan with really helped me a lot. Thanks, Umanah for the opportunity.

Latoya: August 2015 (Gastonia campus)

O Lord, where do I start? Ms. Pat is a wonderful teacher, an inspirational and exceptional person. She is very strict, firm and understanding. She wants you to be grounded and leave with confident. No wonder she received the Nurse of the year award in one of the hospital she worked. I must confess that I did not feel comfortable at first, but on my 3rd day of the class, I understood her approach and adapted to it. Thank God I did, because it really helped me. Currently, I am in nursing program, and I am one of the best students in clinical—I learnt and have this foundation at Umanah Healthcare. Thanks, Ms. Pat and God bless you.

Lisa Knick

” Patricia, thank you for having the vision to start your business to train people how to do things the right way”. I know God blesses you or you would not have expanded. My favorite verse is Phil 4:13. I can do all things through Christ that strengthen me. May God continue to bless you. Umanah Healthcare Institute delivered as they promised. Thank you… “

Bonnie Edwards: (11/18/15)

” I want to thank you for being such a wonderful teacher and mentor to me. No doubt, I’m sure you have made a huge difference in many people lives through your knowledge of nursing and the wonderful example you have set before us. I know that God has called me into this profession and can’t wait to see what comes next!. God bless you. I am happy I choose Umanah Healthcare Institute. “

Kim Le: (10/28/15)

” Thank you for your time and guidance!. I am glad I came here. I wish you many more successful years to come . Keep up the good work at Umanah Healthcare Institute. “

Rebecca Jones

” I am happy I made the right choice of attending Umanah Healthcare Institute. I really learnt a lot, and feel more confident on my skills. The hands on approach was excellent. I strongly recommend this school to any serious minded student. “


” My name is Tracey, I just graduated from Umanah Healthcare Institute. I must confessed that I got my money worth. The Nurse Aide I class was very good, and my instructor Ms. Pat was very professional and made it so easy and simple to understand. She made sure everybody in the class had a lot of hands–on, and she explained every steps and the reason for each steps. I was scarred prior to taking the class, but I passed the State Final Exam the very first time. The whole 12 students in the class passed the exams. I will recommend this school to anybody that is serious about doing C.N.A. “

Joyci Riley:

” Umanah Healthcare Institute is an excellent place to get training if you are interested in working in the healthcare field. I just graduated and received my certificate for C.N.A II. Ms. Patricia provided the class with great hands on training in the classroom and at clinical. She was there with us making sure we understood exactly how to perform every procedure. Ms. Patricia really is great instructor, she makes you really think about what you’re doing in the classroom and in clinical and I love that about her. Classmates also got jobs at a home healthcare Agency, Nursing homes and at the hospital. Umanah Healthcare has such a good reputation with other healthcare facilities. I really appreciate the help I got from Umanah building up my career in the healthcare field. After completion of the C.N.A. II class within 2 weeks, I received a full time job via Umanah Healthcare Institute. Ms. Patricia has such great contacts and she recommended me. I went for the interview and within two days I was hired and I’m now working a full time job as a C.N.A.II. Thank you Jesus and Patricia at Umanah. “

Ben Hogan:

” Hello future candidates, I have trained and received my C.N.A.I, C.N.A.II, and Medication Aide certifications from this top notch school. The class instruction here at Umanah was great and I learned so many important things that have helped me in my current job as C.N.A.II, and also helped me passing all my board certifications and skills test on my first try. The clinical hours we did were at a clean top notch facility which for me was a great experience. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone who wants to pursue a health care or nursing career. Thank you very much again Patricia and Umanah Healthcare for the wonderful experience and all the knowledge I gained. Also it was great compared to other schools; saving some extra money which is always a great thing. So God bless! Don’t be stupid and go with the rest, you can come to Umanah Healthcare Institute.”

Grace Peterson

” Best School Umanah Healthcare Institute has all it takes for you to learn and pass your CNA class. Friendly environment for learning. The director is very nice. The administrative Assistant Allisia is the best. ”

Jonna Hill

” Best school I think this is the best CNA School in the greater Charlotte area, the instructors are all Nurses with at least BSN, and they are very friendly and know their stuff. Recommend them to any student with nursing in mind. Ms. Geisha is one of the best instructor I have ever met, very patient. I will recommend this school to any serious student, there is not side talks in class, mainly lectures. The curriculum is covered, skills are hands on, and above all there is review class day before the final exams. This school has 98-100% in their Final State Exams. I have done my research, no other school in greater Charlotte area has this record. The instructors are all nurses–check out their credentials on the school website. Good stuff. “


” I have attended 2 cna schools in Charlotte, took the state board 3 times and failed. A friend told me about Umanah, I decided to give it a trial. Thank God I did. We had “hands on” on all skills, the instructors knew their stuff, I had the confident of retaking the state exams and I passed. I will recommend everybody that really wants to study to attend this school. I have read few negative comments about the instructors, I will say there are all false, the few students that think they know it all, will not keep their mouth shut while lectures are going on, are the ones complaining about the instructors. The teachers at Umanah do not have time to share you weekend outing stories, they are there to educate you. So please back off and give credit to whom credit is due. ”

Shamera Conteh:

” I GRADUATED on 2-15-14

Mrs. Patricia from day one lets you know that she wants you to pass the written and skills exam so many people get a misconception of her she does not have an attitude nor is she mean she talks with confidence so please don’t take it personal just come to class do what she says leave the small talk for another time and you will pass honestly you go to class to learn what you don’t know and she is the teacher she don’t have all those college degrees for nothing she is a very intelligent person remember an opinion is like a mouth everybody has one so if you listen to the next person how you know if they’re not trying to discourage your life, study hard practice hard why work a job that you don’t like when you can have a career just think about it with that nursing assistant certificate you can work just about anywhere and if you don’t like that facility than go work someplace else a job is a job a career can take you places you never imagine you could be so Mrs. Patricia has nothing to do with you failing it’s up to you to take in all the knowledge she gives you and constructive criticism is a good thing it is her name her school she earned it, she has a career and a good program that you can benefit from. So please respect her, she does not have to go above and beyond in really she don’t have to do what she does for her students she is her own boss she can play by her own rules look at what part you played in you failing the exams I would recommend Umanah Healthcare Institute to everyone and yes I am going to do my CNAII at this facility when you are getting proper knowledge money is of no issue if you can buy shoes you can educate yourself so you can buy more shoes and the examiner I want say her name but she was excellent. “


” I recently graduated from Umanah Healthcare Institute at the gastonia campus. My first impression of the school/class was that it was a small size class (we were about 10 students), this really gave me the opportunity of one on one practice on my skills. the teaching was very clear, and simple. We were really trilled and when i went to clinical, I was a pro. I took my state exam with confidence and pass it on first attempt. We had a 100% state final pass for my class. I will recommend this school for any serious minded student that want to pass her exam on first attempt. “

” Umanah Healthcare Institute is a good school to do the C.N.A. program. I graduated from Umanah at Gastonia Campus, my Instructor Ms. Courtney was very knowledgeable of her stuff. She was very friendly and helpful making it less stressful for me. I took my state final exam last week and I passed!!!!!! Very pleased with the school. “


” Hello, proud to attach my name to this great school. I just got graduated from Umanah Healthcare Institute in Charlotte campus. Very happy I decided to come to this school. My instructor was Ms. Pat—the owner of the school. She is very strict, stuff and wants you to pass your exam in your first attempt. At first I did not understand her, but on the 3rd day of class—I started appreciating her. Her goal is that you get your money worth of study, she gave us everything that we need to know about the program. We had test every day, had a mock test, and if you do not pass the mock test, she will help you and give you strategies on how to answer multiple choice questions. She is a real good teacher. I recommend this school for my friends and all those that want to either go to Nursing program or any healthcare field. You will have the basic foundation of training here. “


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